Meet Our Horses

At Erickson Acres Carriage Company LLC, our horses are the stars of the show! We have two main horses involved in the business, one gelding and one mare, who really are the heart and soul of our operation. While we don’t know their full story, we don’t really feel we need to. Once a horse comes to our farm, it stays in our possession and will never be sold again. That is our commitment to them.


Something about Legend spoke to me when I first saw him in the kill pen at the auction barn. I had no real use for a pony, but knew he would be coming home with me. I didn’t know why at the time, but it soon became clear; he was calling me to start this wonderful company with him! Legend’s beautiful white coat and sassy attitude draw everyone in, and the flirty swing of his tail as he trots down the road is a testament to how much he enjoys pulling a cart or buggy. Children and adults alike love going for short rides with Legend.

* A tribute: Legend passed away in February of 2022. Appropriately named, this small, mighty horse was one of a kind. Although his stature was small, his personality was huge! He charmed everyone he met, his exuberance was often taken as misbehavior, but I saw how special he was the minute I laid eyes on him. He loved being a driving horse, and enjoyed forays out onto the trail, even if it was the same path six times in a row. He was willing to try anything and that is all a driver can ask. His character is sorely missed here on the farm. I know he is proudly pulling a carriage laden with heavenly hosts in Heaven, and grazing those green eternal pastures where we will meet again someday. Legend, you were such a treasure!


Another star in our stable is a Morgan gelding named Captain. He, too, was purchased from a kill pen and was just minutes from being loaded on a truck that was headed for a slaughterhouse in Mexico. That was in December of 2018; I was fortunate enough to purchase him in the nick of time. Captain is a lovely, businesslike horse. He will get you from Point A to Point B, with no nonsense in between. Plus, he looks very elegant doing it!


The current star of our carriage company is our exceptional quarter horse mare, Thyme.  It is hard to believe that a horse this talented and willing was actually in a kill pen. Like Captain, she was slated to be loaded on a slaughter truck just minutes before I purchased her on December 22, 2018. It was quite a Christmas for all of us!

Thyme is a pretty chestnut color with a flaxen mane and tail. Her face is adorned with a white blaze. Her eyes shine with intelligence, and her work ethic is apparent each time we hitch her to a carriage. With her ears perched forward and an eager expression on her face, it’s obvious Thyme enjoys her job. So do I, for that matter, even on the cold and windy days!


“Our newest star is our first draft horse – a Percheron, named Raven. I found her in a kill pen in October of 2020. After evaluation, she was deemed to be an excellent addition to our carriage horse string. Raven is a big, gentle giant. She loves people and especially the attention they give her. Her low rumbling nicker as she greets you is truly music to the ears.


Salma joined the company officially in September of 2021 – although she’s been no stranger to the farm. The name Salma, in Arabic, means “safe” and in Persian it means “sweetheart” both of which I meant to convey on this horse when I got her. She was abandoned by her purchaser and left in the hands of the lady who transported her out of the kill pen and this how she came to me. Someone knew I loved Arabians and reached out to see if I had the ability to save her. She had an eye that needed treatment and was very, very thin and covered in white scars. I brought her to my farm in September of 2015. Her eye was unable to to be saved so it was surgically removed and the lid permanently sewn closed. She is a black Arabian and is very elegant and refined. Her long legs are capable of covering a lot of ground fairly quickly which would have been coveted by the gentlemen of the Victorian age. She is very friendly, loves treats and genuinely likes to be around people. I believe she loves having a job and with her quiet disposition is an ideal driving horse.

Our Horses Love What They Do!

At Erickson Acres Carriage Company LLC, our horses are trained to the best of our abilities. They are eager to learn, with fun, gentle spirits. We take pride in our ride, and we’re so happy to share their passion for life with you!